What I’ve got: Hunter Boots

by post_author

What cheers you up on a depressing rainy day just like today? Hunter’s iconic boots.

Hunter was founded in 1856 by an American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris. Landing on Scottish soil, he founded the North British Rubber Company, later to be known as Hunter. The company saw their first boost in sales after being commissioned by the War Office to design boots suitable for protecting soldiers in the trenches during World War One. Since their productive design was highly recognized at that point, Hunter was called upon again in 1939 after the outbreak of World War II. A hundred years after the establishment of the company, Hunter created the Original Green Wellington, a style later became known as the Original boot which is still made on the original last and is handcrafted from 28 parts. Their iconic boots gained a huge popularity from pioneers and explorers to celebrities and icons; Lady Diana Spencer was spotted wearing those in her engagement photos in 1981 and later Kate Moss showed up at the Glastonbury festival wearing the boots, which helped the brand gain more popularity especially among young girls. Nowadays, the brand has been collaborating with some luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo or Mar Jacobs and expanding its range of customers.




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