I love my height, and I love my heels. 

What I don’t love is wobbliness and having horribly sore feet. That’s why I love the Steve Madden Irenee – my favourite, go-to pair of heels:


Source: http://www.dillards.com/p/steve-madden-irenee-sandals/506212554?cm_mmc=Linkshare-_-gcdL/ATRVoE-_-null-_-null&linkshare=https://www.lyst.com/affiliate

The Irenee is both aesthetically-pleasing and functional. I have personally never liked kitten heels because of the awkward look of the short, stubby, curved heel. The Irenee (and most other low block heels), on the other hand, creates clean lines from the heel to the ground and doesn’t exaggerate the shortness of the heel. The heel is also much more comfortable than the traditional kitten heel. Instead of a single stub holding everything up, a person’s weight is distributed a little more evenly across the block, allowing wearers to feel comfortable while still looking good. The simplicity of the design makes it appropriate for a huge variety of occasions, making it a versatile and practical shoe for casual summer outfits, office attire and formal events. Needless to say, discovering the Irenee a few months ago completely changed my shoe game.