What I’ve Got: Uncharted

by post_author

Uncharted Video Game Series:

Cutting edge. That’s the definition of the Uncharted series in every way. Since the first of four installations in 2007, Uncharted has boasted using 100% of the technological  resources available at the time of each installment’s development. Further, reviewers and gamers were regularly quoted at each iteration as saying that it represented the photo-realistic, graphical best that video games had to offer. 

Stepping away from their looks, the games have been hailed for matching the achievement with fantastic storytelling, sound-design (voice-acting) and gameplay. These games were and are a prize, even if just by virtue of it’s graphical prowess. PS3 and PS4 exclusives, their purchase and enjoyment represents a recognition and buy in to the true power of console gaming.

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