This is a more general What I’ve Got, focused on a category instead of an individual product or company. Infographics are an excellent method of communicating information, and rely heavily on many of the design principles that I have focused on during the course. A well-made infographic is three things: visually engaging, maximally informative, and minimalist in clutter. Infographics serve one purpose – to communicate complicated information in a simpler manner and to do so with aesthetic details that are engaging and assist the viewer in understanding. This purpose is very much aligned with the idea of creating accessible products that are for (or feel as though they are for) the masses; infographics are for the layman, not the technician.

Information communicated in this visually engaging manner helps develop the lasting power of the message as well. It is much easier to refer back to an infographic for quick recall than to re-read a document or to re-watch a video. I have always loved infographics; I am much more likely to read one than do use either of the above media, even if it is about a topic in which I am not interested. The visuals are an additional attractive dimension, one which is overlooked in many methods of visual communication.