by post_author

When I saw this video, I was reminded immediately of this past post. So instead of realizing that it was an April Fools joke, I thought that someone had the same idea as she did and actually pursued it! Although the video seems quite ridiculous, people have recommended using water bottles for exercise if you do not own weights, and I have tried this method myself. However, water bottles can be difficult to hold onto, so this new shape for the bottle that mimics that of weights is actually quite desirable.

The fake website links to a real one (SodaStream) which advertises a sparkling water maker machine. The fake site promotes this machine by stating “With SodaStream you don’t carry plastic bottles. You don’t sweat and you make sparkling water from normal water,” tying back to the joke. Although not many people might end up purchasing the machine, the “campaign” itself generated great interest that is beneficial for the company. However, the brand “HeavyBubbles” definitely stuck in my mind more than “SodaStream.”

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