My sister gifted me Klhip nail clippers for Christmas one year. Initially, you might think a person crazy to have $75 nail clippers. Regardless of their price, however, I believe this to be an ideal example of redesigning an everyday product into something more effective and more beautiful.

The nail clippers feature a swinging arm that the user pushes down on. But rather than pushing down at the back of the clippers, farthest away from the nail, the user pushes near the middle. This keeps the clippers balanced and accurate while still providing leverage.

The blades of the clipper are incredibly sharp but curved in so as not to cut anyone accidentally. The metal is hollowed out just behind the blade in a way that catches the nail clippings rather than sending them flying.

When the user is done, the magnetic arm swings back around to flatten out the device. Overall, it’s simple, massively effective, and beautifully engineered. This should serve as an ideal example of good everyday design.