After experimenting for a semester on wearing a simple, crisp white shirt, I realized a problem. The shirt was too hot on days over 60 degrees, and I would, therefore, need a different top for the summer. The idea of wearing a perfectly designed piece of clothing each day still appealed to me, so once again I went on the search.

Polo shirts are fantastic pieces of clothing for men because they are appropriate in most any situation in regards to formality. They were originally sold of Lacoste, and now several other brands such as Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers have become famous for the shirt.

After comparing in person the various options, I settled on the Amsterdam brand Suit Supply once again. Unlike the other designs, their polo carried no branding. It was slimmer than Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren, and it was longer in the body than Lacoste. It is unique for having elastane in the bottom ribbing. This causes it to hug the wearer’s body right at the belt line, given the polo a permanently tucked in appearance. The sleeve hit halfway down the biceps and the collar can be comfortably worn undone.

For two weeks I’ve now worn this polo, and the navy color blends perfectly with all outfits. Only a summer of experimentation will tell just how good the choice is.