I’ve got this Lululemon yoga pants made of running material. It’s 4-way stretch and has mesh up the sides. It goes along with the athleisure trend. I really enjoy the pockets along the sides above the mesh. Overall wearing these make me feel confident, athletic, and pretty darn sexy. 

Practicality wise, other than the style, the mesh panels also serve as cooling factors for warmer days. The high waist band and 7/8 length also fit so well.

I think Lululemon is a fantastic company and brand, and they definitely know what they’re doing in terms of knowing their audience and addressing their needs. They have great brand management (after their see through pants fiasco of course) and a good business model — they partner with local gyms and studios to sell merchandise. 

Additionally, it’s a luxury good and helped form the health conscious bubble that has since spawned countless healthy food brands. 

It has also sparked envy from competitors like NIKE, which has come out with its own 4 way breathable material. I think NIKE may eventually acquire LULU since Lululemon is a much more niche market.