One of my roommates has recently started using this product called the PowerCurl. She had accidentally bought a larger version than she needed so she ordered another one and we ended up with an extra in the suite, allowing me to explore. This device allows one to pack the Mac power cord neatly into one place and eliminates the appearance of clutter. It also prevents the cord from tangling with itself or with others. Although more visually pleasing than the jumble of cords, I find it not practical in my daily life. First, I like speed. Being able to pack my cords quickly so I can catch the shuttle or hop on my bike to class is essential. Placing the adapter and looping the cords do not flow as smoothly as I would like. Second, I need flexibility. Often times, I need to (or want to) work at locations that may be farther away from the outlet. Again, packing and unpacking the cord from the device create inconvenience. In addition, even without this device, I rarely tangle my cords. Therefore, this product may not be the best for people on the go; on the other hand, if you have a fixed work place where you can keep an adapter, this product can help clean up and decorate your space.

See more information about the product here. The company behind the product, Quirky, is an interesting platform for inventions.