As a self-professed dental hygiene freak, this is my most favorite dental product in the whole wide world, other than floss. It is a beautifully designed product and I can’t get over it.


It separates itself from other electric toothbrushes with its patented Sonic technology. The brush head vibrates 31,000 times a minute (260 hertz), which is sonic speed. Due to a mechanism in fluid dynamics, the brush vibrates the surrounding saliva around your tooth and dislodges plaque along your gums without even touching it. Amazing!

Also, the brush is rechargeable through induction technology, which is by now industry standard (Oral B has it as well). I don’t know why other appliances or devices haven’t caught on to inductive charging.

One of the new models has the charger inside a glass, which is cute but a little too much. I don’t like the design trend in disguising certain utility function as another object.

The other day my battery died (unrechargeable) so I had to get a cheap replacement (oral B powered by Braun), which just isn’t the same. I’m heartbroken. I think I’m going to save up and buy another Sonicare toothbrush because it really is the best toothbrush in the entire world.