Journey Map

Link to bigger picture of journey map:

Our journey map shows several pain points, highlights, and possible improvements. However, we decided to focus on the buying experience and direct product changes to improve the sellability of the OneWheel

Buying Experience

TwoWheel is a revolutionary trial program for the OneWheel that allows
two people to try out OneWheels together. The only cost to the user is
shipping for one product. If a user does not like the OneWheel, they can
return both for no cost. This gives anyone who wants to try the
OneWheel an incentive to try out two (one for them and one for a
partner). This serves two purposes: the first is that the OneWheel is
more fun to ride if you have a partner, and the second is that if a user
tries out two, they are more likely to buy both, instead of returning
just one. The purpose of having a “free” trial program in general is to
remove the initial barrier to trying the product, which is that it is
too expensive to buy it without trying it. From our experience, as soon
as you try the product, it is quite likely that you will enjoy using it.
Renting out two OneWheels makes it so that the person in a relationship
with the buying power will face more pressure to buy two products if
their partner has tried it along with them. That is, it is less likely
that someone will return their partner’s OneWheel if their partner tried
and got used to the OneWheel in their life. As an added incentive to
buy the OneWheel straight out of the trial, a small discount can be
provided to those who try it and buy it during the trial period. 

way to eliminate the barrier to entry is to create regional
distribution centers in large cities, so OneWheel and the customer do
not have to pay shipping costs. Professionals can teach users how to
ride the product at these distribution centers, and customers can take
OneWheels home to try from these distribution centers. In order to
discourage users from trying out the OneWheel knowing that they are not
going to buy it, a small trial fee can be charged. This fee will be the
same regardless of whether a customer decides to try one or two

Product Changes

Easily bring the OneWheel to the airport, your workplace, and your classroom. By making the OneWheel foldable, it becomes smaller and reduces the pain of taking it to places when not riding.

Roll it with ease anywhere. Not only does this configuration allow for an easily maneuverable OneWheel, but the built in self-balancing sensors will kick in to activate the motor to aid the person in rolling the OneWheel for an even more weightless experience when not riding. This eliminates the pain of having to drag the vehicle around when not in use.

And its new size allows it to fit just perfectly in a locker. It can now also fit in a suitcase, in a backpack, under a chair, etc.