Soon after arriving at Harvard, I realized that as a college student under the age of 25, finding a rental car was next to impossible. After growing frustrated of my continued need to call an uber every time I wanted to go to Trader Joes, I decided to download the Zipcar App and learn more about the possibilities. Although I initially had no intention of creating an account, the low cost college pricing plan and built it pricing (meaning gas, insurance and maintenance is all included in the Zipcar fees) persuaded me otherwise. Soon after creating an account I discovered the one way Zipcar functions which made be have an even greater appreciation for the service. With one way rapes starting at less than 5 dollars per 30 minutes, I realized that when driving with friends, it was often cheaper for me to Zipcar than take the T. I love Zipcar because it offers me an awesome service at a low cost and gives me the opportunity to make the most of my college experience and environment.