Our headphone design resembles a rainbow: the earphones are clouds and the headband is the multicolored rainbow arc. Rainbows elicit positive emotions because they symbolize the silver lining after a storm, the calm after chaos.

From a visual standpoint, rainbows represent harmony and unity among myriad colors and elements. Rainbows are a throwback to childhood excitement, and symbolize a promise for a magical pot of gold. The clouds surrounding the rainbow give users the feeling that they are no long on Earth, but that they can escape to their own world in the sky (i.e. the Wizard of Oz phenomenon).

When building the headphones, we originally planned to print out 3 separate colored bands for the headpiece (lengthwise, like the arc of a rainbow), but they would have been too brittle to piece together, and likely would have broken. So instead we printed out 1 headpiece, and painted it the 3 colors from the rainbow.  We decided to go with lighter hues to give it a softer touch. Lighter hues are associated with relaxation and anxiety reduction because they do not heighten our senses as much as bold colors do. 

Finally, we added cushions to the headphones to make them comfortable. Anyone who has ever cuddled up in a snuggle and slippers understands that physical comfort is essential for anxiety reduction.

Our end result is a calming, comforting, and stylish pair of rainbow headbands to help bring you out of the storm on any rainy day.