What I’ve Got: Tecknet MouseThis is the mouse that I’ve been using this year. I’m picky about my computer mouse because I use it so much. I really liked my previous mouse and when it died, I was sad to discover that it was no longer sold. Instead, I found this mouse for really cheap online. I bought it to serve as a temporary replacement until I found time to buy a mouse in store, but once I started using it, I decided I didn’t need to switch to another one.It has a programmable DPI switch that allows me to control how fast the mouse moves. This is useful for switching between normal use, when I’d like my mouse to be set to a high sensitivity, and precise drawing or designing, when I need the mouse to move slowly in order for me to make small details. The fabric cord is more resilient than plastic cords and the extra programmable buttons on the side are exactly where my thumb lies and allows me to be efficient when working on the computer.

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