The Sonos Music player allows you to play any song you want
wirelessly in a room through a connected network of speakers via wifi.  Users can link their SoundCloud, Apple Music,
Spotify, and Hypebeast accounts to play music off of, as well as playing mp3
stored on the local device.  You may
think that this is not necessarily a revolutionary idea, especially considering
the high cost of set-up and hardware, but there is an important distinction
between the Sonos system and an ordinary Bluetooth speaker.  That is, every phone in the room can play
songs democratically through a queue, as well as adjusting the volume.  So you can walk into your friends apartment,
and play a song that you just downloaded onto your phone, or even play the song
you made for challenge 8 through Soundcloud.
This is a revolutionary way of interacting with devices, and is an
extended concept of the Internet of Things (IoT).  The only complaint that I have, however, is
the requirement to be connected to WiFi in order to use it, that is, even if
you have your phone plugged into a speaker with an aux cord, you still need the
Wifi connection to use the software and the speaker.  If Sonos could implement the function of
using their speakers without Wifi, that would be a lucrative move.  But hey, gotta have big data, right?  Big brother is watching…or listening, I suppose
in this case.