The New Normal is seeking to transform the way we wear headphones. Their recently released headphones are wireless, light, and sleek.

Target Market: These headphones are targeted first and foremost towards people who are aesthetically minded. They come in two varieties: suit ($199 – shown on the left, for professionals, travelers, and “exceptionally stylish humans”), and sweat ($149 – shown on the right, for athletes, runners, and “generally sweaty people”).

Features: The fit arms (the part that goes around your ears) have 5-axis adjustment to allow for optimal positioning, and offer better shock absorption for physical activity, as well as better distribution of weight to minimize ear fatigue. The headphones contain a USB connector, so instead of having to carry a cable along with the headphones, the wearer can directly charge the headphones to their computer, as shown. They also boast 8 hours of battery hour, a microphone for calls, and bluetooth connectivity. The “sweat” version is waterproof, while the “suit” version comes in hand-stitched Napa leather.