Growing up I always liked the idea of wearing a watch but as I got older I found less and less of a need to wear one. Between there always being clocks around school campuses and carrying a smartphone in my pocket at all times, I realized the the ability to be able to acquire the time at a moments notice was no longer dependent on wearing a watch. Because of this, I chose to stop wearing a watch for several years until somewhat recently I decided to re-explore the possibility of wearing a watch––not because I suddenly found myself desperate to know the time, but more so because I realized I could consider a watch more than just a functional tool to provide me with information. I realized instead that a watch could be an accessory, that, just like a wallet, could reveal to other some element of my personality. With this in mind I went out to explore watch options and immediately knew this Skagen watch was the one for me. Apart from the traditional and non-overcrowded face which makes the watch easy to read, I really love the simplicity of the watch and use of organic feeling materials which I believe sends a message to others about myself and my sense of design. Additionally, I really appreciate the minimal profile of the watch which makes it extremely comfortable to wear.