What I’ve Got: MagSafe2 Charger for Macbook Pro

by post_author

Recently I lost my laptop charger and had to get a replacement. I balked at how expensive it was and looked for other options. Usually, other vendors will sell Apple rip-offs (such as iPhone chargers). The only problem was that all of the reviews of the rip-offs were terrible, citing poor functionality, quality, and design. So I bit the bullet and bought the real thing again.


This process of searching for the best product has helped me appreciate the MagSafe 2 a lot. It has really smart technology: the magnetic part of the charger makes it easy to plug in. What is kind of annoying is that sometimes when I’m charging my laptop and using it on my bed, it will fall out due to the safety system. Additionally, there are two separate cords that you can attach to extend it.

My favorite part about the design is the light that tells you when it’s fully charged. I love this simple design concept that is so helpful to users. What’s so interesting is that I’ve followed the evolution of this design component from the very early days of the iPod Shuffle, First Gen (circa 2005). The shuffle was bare- bones simple, but I loved it because I felt like it was so easy to use, and every functionality I wanted was there.


I love seeing the “evolution” of traits in technology: what works stays on and what doesn’t dies out. 

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