I am not a big fan for small gadgets, but when I first saw the ad for Lumo Lift — a discrete tool that helps you adjust your posture — I put my money down and got myself one.

The design is simple and sleek. When you wear it, it looks just like a piece of fashionable clasp. They way it works is that you hit the button on it in order to enter ‘coach mode’ where it buzzes to remind you when it detects a bad posture.

While it is really easy to wear, I found it to be very difficult to control and manage. Because its interface is essentially just one button, you have to hit the button for a specific number of times for a specific mode. This gets very confusing. While in an important class or meeting, I would accidentally enter a mode where I am reminded every 2 seconds and had no idea how to exit the mode.  

I really like Lumo Lift’s design and the idea — however the functionality and user friendliness kill its potential. Somewhere a few months ago, my frustration won and the sleek, shiny clasp has since been resting peacefully in the deepest end of my drawer.