Here is my quadcopter:

And here is my quadcopter as part of the new Cat Alarm Topiary + Quadcopter Defense System:

As for my design goals, I think I want to create things that are practical but exciting or cool in a unique way. I want desirability in my designs to come from their necessity and familiarity, and their ability to give you that “whaaaat no way” reaction upon first use and hopefully in all uses thereafter. This is the same reaction I felt/feel when seeing the GSD poster, or using my B&W headphones, and I’m sure something like a real life Cat Alarm Topiary would elicit the same feelings. Even the chair from the up-cycling challenge embodies that idea; it is practical but visually arresting and I think that makes it super cool. 

I’m choosing to use a picture I took at a Two Door Cinema Club concert a while back to embody this idea. Concerts present something familiar (a favorite band’s music) in a new, awesome way, and connect that thing to an emotional experience that is exciting and memorable. I associate this concert in particular with an exhilarating feeling (plus adding cool lights to things never hurt).