As I reflect on my what I’ve got posts, I definielty see a trend. I like things that are functional, yet feminine and have a slight sporty edge to them. For example, starting with the Rag and Bone dress, the dress itself is very feminine, yet it has offers unique movement while also having an edgy component to it due to the sneaker. The vintage car is also in a way very sporty, yet also has a feminine and edgy flair, especially if it were to be updated. Outdoor Voices is an emerging athletic wear company and therefore is obviously sporty, but its color pallet and designs are very chic and feminine which differentiates it from other sports wear companies. Aquazzaria is obviously feminine, but it also has an edgy and almost sporty edge to it. 

Reflecting on these items, I think I am obviously attracted to and interested in women’s wear. I like things that are feminine, yet functional and a bit edgy. I think I desire well created products that people want to wear and use. As highlighted by the pick up and truck and OV, I admire products that look ‘cool’ while also being highly functional. 

As for a design picture, I think its a girl wearing sneakers and jeans, yet looking chic and ready to tackle anything. I have always believed, if you are not  dying to wear or use something as you are walking out of the store, you have made a bad purchase. I want to design products that people can’t wait to get their hands on, and that are useful, wearable and usable.