Looking back at my past submissions, I am surprised at the comments and analysis I have made as a designer. I also realize that my mind approaches and perceives design differently as well. Now every time I look at a product, I no longer take it for granted. I take notes of the design components and start thinking about decision and story that went into each of them. I observe the colors, shape, and texture and think about what kind of emotions do they create and why. I also think of a demographic that will find this product desirable. 

I also got better at using things around me as inspirations. For example, there was one day hat I walked into a CVS store, and found a set of stacked crate (pic below). I remember vividly that I stared at it and admired the patterns and wondered where else can I use this in any of my design.


I personally really enjoy this new habit of appreciating things around me. I rarely find things without stories, or some evidences of effort. Being to break an object’s components down give me a chance to put myself in the designer’s shoes and contemplate about what he or she was thinking when designing it. This greatly heightens my appreciation toward my environment, and also my desire to put my own design out there to communicate with the rest of the world.