Tree Clothing Company differentiates itself from other brands not by its fashion
statement, but by their admirable mission of conserving the environment. The
company’s goal is to inspire our generation to “adopt a socially and environmentally
responsible lifestyle.” For every item sold, the company plants ten trees
globally in places that have been direly affected by deforestation. They have
planted over four million trees in Madagascar to rejuvenate the country’s
natural ecosystem and over half a million trees in Ethiopia to alleviate the
effects of flooding and erosion on farmland. In addition to fighting the
effects of deforestation by planting new trees, Ten Tree also ensures to transact
only with manufacturers that abide by fair work ethics and practice environmentally
conscious actions. They also partner with conservation non-profits all over the
world to guarantee that their efforts of planting trees will achieve a greater
impact over longer periods of time.

of what Ten Tree Clothing Company does is not at all related to fashion. People
buy from their company not because of their clothes but because of the
producer-end humanitarian work that results from the consumption of their products.
The company is designed to make consumers feel good about themselves and about
the world. Consumers can feel as though they’ve made the world a better place
simply by wearing a Ten Tree hat because, indirectly, the action of buying a
hat from this company allowed ten trees to be planted in a country thousands of miles
away. This is an unusual case in which the effect that results from acquiring
a product is more desirable that the product itself.