Node Chairs by IDEOThese are the Node Chairs designed by IDEO. They’re actually used in Quincy as well, in its Innovation Room. IDEO designed these chairs to be very flexible for how people want to use them. The three unique features to these chairs (other than just the shape of the seat itself being quite comfortable) are the desktop swivels wherever you want it, the chairs roll easily, and the bottom provides a lot of storage space for things you want to have on hand at all times. For example, if writing something, you can swivel the desk to its usual location in front of you or to the side if you are taking notes from a laptop on your lap. But if you don’t need the desk and are just talking to someone sitting in front of you, the desk can be swiveled out of the way for that interaction. The wheels on the chair allow the room to be rapidly rearranged for either individual work or group collaboration. We use them in the Innovation Room to break up for group work and then, when each group presents, we slide to wherever the group is presenting. This makes the working environment extremely flexible. Finally, when moving around or switch seats with normal chairs, you always have to pick up all your things and carry them with you. The pocket under the node chair keeps everything with you while you move.The threePhotos from:

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