This is an image of one of Apple’s newest MacBook. Aesthetically, the MacBook is stunning. It is thin, light, and beautiful. I like the three color choices as well. The gold is flashy; the grey is sleek and classy; the silver is classic. However, as a Computer Science concentrator, the practical design features of the product bug me. For instance, it only has one port. Apple sacrificed ports to make the MacBook as thin and minimal as possible. I’m all for minimality in design, and that’s a huge reason why I like Apple’s design philosophy, but I think this particular feature is too limiting. I’ve also used the keyboard and don’t think it’s tactile enough. A huge part of what makes keyboards satisfying to use is the tactile feedback (at least to me).

Also, as a side note, Apple’s website ranks as one of the best I’ve ever seen. Here is the MacBook Design page: Here are some other pages that I like: