I made a 3D rendering of a Quadcopter.

I’ve also been taking ES22 for half a semester now. We’ve completed about 6 projects and are blazing forward at a steady pace.

This class has inspired me to make design a central focus of my attention this semester. I have read and annotated Ideo’s human-centered design manifesto and have begun listening to 99% invisible podcasts. I engage in design focused conversations with my friends such as how one could successfully integrate vibration based feedback in a jacket.

I have been seeing the world in a new light. Poorly designed doors frustrate me. Cereal dispensers that don’t dispense cereal cause me anguish. The fact that no one has made a quality weight lifting iPhone app causes me physical pain. Simultaneously, I get a hit of dopamine every time I interact with something beautiful and new.

Since taking this class, I’ve assumed a new philosophy around Meliorism, and the idea that good design can make it happen.