Haute couture for the streets of LA. The target is a 20 year old who enjoys wearing the latest in men’s fashion blended with timeless pieces for a distinctive look. This person draws inspiration from Kanye, street fashion, rappers and hip hop culture, and European fashion houses.

My shoe is designed to be a standout statement piece for this person. They would center their outfit around this pair of sneakers. I wanted something classic with a twist that would signify dominance and wealth on the streets of LA. The form is a mid-top skate sneaker with gold patent leather “wings”. At the top is a velcro, in addition to laces. I wanted to make a distinct profile yet keep a simple, clean-cut design.

To signal this status, I used patent gold leather straps and detail, silver mesh accents, and slightly off-white calfskin upper. The outsole is white rubber and gold metal, impressing bystanders with every step.

This design is desirable because it speaks to the user who is shoe-obsessed and wants to express his/her uniqueness through shoes and clothing. Its highly distinctive design will enable others to immediately recognize the fashion-forward brand that the shoe is from and immediately impress others with the user’s bold taste.