Reversible Sequin Sneakers

by post_author

We decided to design a shoe for young urban creatives, men and women alike.


At first we played around with the idea of the shoe being similar a blank canvas, representing opportunity, creativity and infinite possibility. We were intrigued about how objects devoid of meaning in and of themselves, can have appeal precisely because they don’t say anything, leaving room for interpretation and attaching your own memories and experiences to them. We wanted our shoes to be like this.

But as we started doing research on materials to distinguish the shoe with unique materials, we discovered reversible sequin fabric, a material that the user of a product can change on a whim.

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Even though making changes is extremely quick, these changes stay for a long time, allowing the user to make and show off designs.

We want to make shoes with reversible sequin fabric that has noticeable contrast without being flashy; we want the colours to be matte black and white.

We think that our shoes will have emotional appeal to our target user: they stand out without being garish and they allow for customization without being a hassle. And since they are sneakers, they can be worn comfortably in a variety of contexts. Our shoe is perfect for people who want to make their possessions their own but who are also on the move – welcome to a new world of sneakers designed for humans.


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