Young professional men often wear their expensive Alden shoes to and from the office while their fellow colleagues are able to change from comfortable yet stylish footwear into their office wear. Many men don’t have this luxury. Polis is a shoe that solves this problem. It effortlessly blends into the work culture, conveying an understated style with a playful confidence that every man wants to enjoy. It is exciting yet professional, subtle yet bold. It is the shoe that no man has, but every man wants. 

The shoe portrays these concepts by:

  • Using darker and neutral tones (the three principal colors are navy, charcoal, and white)
  • Using high quality materials, such as locally-sourced leather and suede
  • Demonstrating a minimalist aesthetic, by limiting the number of breaks in the profile of the shoe and maintaining large continuous sections of material
  • Using a ‘midtop’ ankle height, to strike a balance between ostentatious style and subtle professionalism 
  • Adding the small yet eye-catching ‘P’ accent on the sole and outsole, to signal a sense of intrigue and prestige (the P is only fully visible when viewed from behind, as the heel rises)

Feel fresh every day with a pair of Polis, shoes that will carry you from the subway to happy hour.