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Business Plan

We were happy with our end result of upcycling an old school desk, changing it from a fairly undesirable piece of plywood to a stylish piece of furniture that acts as a storage space, standing desk, bar serving counter and platform for sticky notes.

The beauty of the project is that it had an immensely positive effect on the parties involved: it freed up storage for the Harvard Recycling Center, helped us gain and solidify hard skills and left all of us with a sense of accomplishment. And we got to walk away from the project with an awesome new and useful piece of furniture.

This got us thinking about how to make this a repeatable process that does not just have to be restricted to a single project in a class. Harvard is full of students looking for opportunities to work with their hands – the establishment of new design and maker-focused clubs like Springboard is testament to just that.

There is an inherent sense of satisfaction and stress-relief to be gained from handiwork, a hobby that is growing rapidly at Harvard. We believe that if we align people’s incentives in the right ways, we might just be able to establish a program that causes upcycling becomes part of extracurricular life at Harvard.