These three companies that I have recently seen advertised have done really well at identifying a need for a product, and then simply and elegantly executing their design in all facets (from product and packaging to media and website) to make for a more desirable item. The concepts are not new (underwear, tampons, and eye glasses) but the way that these companies approached the marketing and design of their products led to their success. 

1. Thinx Underwear:

What they do differently?

Design underwear for people who have periods to wear creating a less taboo culture around menstruation. They don’t just target women (people who are male identified can still have periods). They use existing lingerie styles to design their underwear and website. Making a luxury item from something that is normally stigmatized. 

2. Lola Tampons:

What they do differently?

All organic cotton tampons. No chemicals. There are tampons like this that exist, but they are more of a hippy, whole foods type style that doesn’t open to a mass market the way this does. They are transparent in their writing and simple packaging. They let you customize your order (with light, regular, and heavy). Again, working to create a less taboo culture around menstruation. 

3. Warby Parker:

What they do differently?

Allow you to try on 5 pairs of glasses for free. You can select ones you like and they send them to you for free. Shipping back is also free. Once you pick ones you like then just scan your prescription and pay. They donate a pair for every pair bought. Simple, plastic design, but made into a more luxury item here. My current glasses are from here!