Awesome earbuds

by post_author

I am a big fan of Panasonic’s “Ear Drops” Ergofit earphones. I first bought them when I lost my Apple-sanctioned earphones. Looking for a cheap replacement, I found these bad boys on Amazon Prime for a total of $6.02 — very reasonable. I purposely didn’t pick the cheapest priced earphones on the site, instead choosing the second cheapest one (probably a result of the clever marketing strategy of price anchoring by Amazon).

Anyway, when I opened the box I wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise the box included three separate earpiece sizes for a great fit. The back of the package contained a cool graphic of its features, explaining how their technology works.


I put them in and was immediately floored by how good the sound was. I’m not kidding — I had never experienced such good bass from earphones before. The interchangeable earpieces are key — by molding the earpiece to my inner ear canal, the sound traveled much more efficiently. 

Additionally, I appreciated that these earphones came in a sensible black color, a stark difference from the ubiquitous bright white Apple ones.


Ever since then, every time I (inevitably) lose my earphones, I buy another pair of these well-designed and very reasonably priced Panasonic ones.

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