What I’ve Got: Virtuoso CardsI really love cards. When I was younger, I was became really interested in cardistry (click to see a video demonstrating it), an interest that eventually evolved into a love for collecting playing cards. My favorite deck that I own is the Virtuoso Spring/Summer 2015 deck. Everything about these decks is custom made, including their colors, their pips, and all the face cards, and it is designed specifically for card flourishing. The box has a design that allows it to be combined with other boxes to form patterns (incentivizing people to buy multiple packs instead of just one). It is also limited edition, increasing its value for collectors. Before each edition is released, the Virts (the company that produces these cards) produces a flurry of videos demonstrating amazing cardistry in order to generate hype. This is especially effective because these videos are short enough to be shared quickly, occasionally even going viral, attracting even non flourisher to these cards. The Virts also gave away one free deck to everyone who signed up for one, giving them goodwill among their customers.The two most notable design decisions about these cards (for a card flourisher) are their feel and their back design. These cards are designed by card flourishers, so they’ve picked a paper and finish that is really smooth and durable. In the third image, the top half is Virt cards and the bottom half comes from a generic Bicycle deck. It may be hard to see in the image, but the top packet is thinner and lighter, as well as more flexible, while not being as slick, making it ideal for flourishing. I try to showcase a few of the advantage of the back design. The lines trace out patterns during flourishes and displays (such as the giant fan), and the rotational symmetry makes spins really pop. The marketing and deliberate design of these cards make them really desirable for cardists. 

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