Nest: What I’ve Got

by post_author

I bought a Nest thermostat for my parents last year, and it has dramatically improved their experience with home heating. The Nest has easy installation instructions that any average person can understand. In addition to the beautiful display and easy-to-use design, Nest is adapts to the user’s schedule. The temperature turns down at night and when you are at work, and then heats up before you get home for dinner. Users can turn the heat up remotely using your smartphone, so if you are gone for the weekend and forget to turn down your heat, you won’t lose money on your heating bill. This is perhaps the best part of owning a Nest: it dramatically lowers the cost of heating. Nest is a company that has taken an average product and made it spectacular. Next not only makes the home heating experience understandable, but friendly and enjoyable as well.


Before Nest, my parents used an old-fashioned thermostat that had a broken knob, so we never actually knew what the temperature was. What an improvement!


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