Ginger Tea Tasting

by post_author

For one of my tastings I tried four different ginger teas. Similarly to the chocolate tasting I was surprised by the variation and the different ‘blends’ within the teas. Ultimately I found that none of the teas, except for one, tasted like ginger. 

For round one I tasted the Tazo versus the Mighty Leaf. The Mighty Leaf had much fancier packaging and I expected it to be much nicer than the Tazo. Surprisingly the Tazo tasted more like ginger than the Mighty Leaf. The Mighty Leaf had a strong Olive Oil type taste whereas the Tazo tasted more like Chamomile with a spicy aftertaste. I preferred the Tazo. 

For round two I tasted the Triple Leaf Tea and the Yogi. The Triple Leaf was a little watery at first, but as the tea bag diffused more the taste became more potent. The Triple Leaf had a strong and pure ginger taste that had a spicy after taste. The Yogi on the other hand had an overpowering licorice taste. I preferred the Triple Leaf Tea. 

For found three I tasted the Tazo and the Triple Leaf against each other. The triple leaf’s pure ginger taste became much more apparent, and the Tazo seemed even more bland. Moreover, the chamomile taste of the Tazo became even more apparent. 


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