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Put together this fake ad using images I found online.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/Edge+ line is Samsung’s purest luxury choice across its Galaxy line, this year.

More expensive than the normal S6 (and the note), it attempts to imbue the so-called “edge” with a mixture of luxury and functionality. The edge works as a clock, an unlocking device and more.

That said, my one critique is that some of the functionality aspects fall flat, first because the extra functionality is rather limited and second because it causes issues when the hand brushes along the edge, accidentally.

As such, this product hits my luxury nerve the most effectively.

Business Functionality Focus (Samsung Note 5)

Personal Functionality and Luxury (Samsung S6/S6+)

Luxury Focus (Samsung S6 Edge/Edge+)


Phone over wireless charger:

2 phones:

Phone edge:

Top Image:

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