Suit Supply is a vertically integrated men’s suiting company from Amsterdam, founded in 2000. While they are famous for their controversial, sexual advertising, I prefer them for the best fitting suit I can find.

My favorite cut of suit that Suit Supply sells is the Washington. The suit is a three button design, something that came and went out of style in the early 2000′s. However the lapel curls over to hide the third highest button.

The peaked lapel is wider than most any other lapel besides the ones found on Tom Ford suits. These are remnant of older power suits, and give it a very masculine feeling.

To prevent the suit from feeling dated, the waste is narrow and tight against the wearer. This creates an incredibly fitted look and emphasizes the wearer’s broad shoulders.

I love this suit more than any other I have ever tried on because it is designed to be fitted, masculine, and classic. Surprisingly, this is a hard combination to find from more popular brands.