For this assignment, we had to rethink a skymall product. I chose this oversized chair


This was accompanied by the same kind of uninspired advert text that Gale pokes fun at in his 1900 article:

Kingpin Folding Chair

Kingpin folding chair holds up to 450lbs, it comes with 6 cup holders and a removable cooler on the side. It is a fun chair for tailgating and sporting events.

This item will be shipped out in 2 days.
This product is not available for Shipment to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.
This product is not available for international shipping.


How do we improve this product and make it more than just a chair but rather an experience? Building off Gale’s article, compelling products and adverts are ones that incorporate a variety of senses. We should also make sure that we are designing for a specific demographic: in this case it is the people who go to football tailgates.

Since chairs are made for sitting, it makes sense to make the sense of touch the focal point of our reimagining of the original product by giving the chair comfortable cushions. Let’s also add speakers, to engage the sense of sound, as well as visual elements to make the product, one that was designed with very rigid functional constraints, interesting to look at. Finally, let’s also see if we can include food in the advert to round off the chair as not a product, but a layered experience. Here it goes:

What is America? Is America hotdogs? Beyoncé? The Apollo moon landings? Nick Offerman? Baseball, football, hockey? Corn dogs? Bruce Springsteen? The Grand Canyon? Freedom? Country music? Kanye West? Budweiser?

America is not one of these; America is all of these. 

And with that in mind, we bring you a whole new tailgating experience: the largest, most comfy, most American chair ever built. It has built-in speakers for your favorite tailgating tunes and six convenient holders for mouthwatering tailgate food and ice cold brewskies. Throw in our patented extra-soft seat cushions and you have the best companion to any day of sports. 

Sports equipment and Nick Offerman not included. 

Buy now! For a limited time only, customers who buy two chairs are automatically entered into a lottery for an exclusive, all expenses paid trip to the Sun Valley Trailer Park in Idaho!