New Day

by post_author

I often need to remind myself what day of the week it is, however the original Sky Mall product, the Classic DayClock, targeted an older population with its more traditional wood and font designs. I would not buy such a product even though it might useful, so I decided to take the idea of the “day clock” and transform it into something more modern and attractive to a larger population.

The main feature of “New Day” is its turning seven-sided wooden block. Each side has a day of the week (M, T, W, TH, F, SA, SU) carved into its face. At midnight each day, the “clock” will turn and the current day of the week will appear parallel to the visible glass surface. The other three sides of the cubic container will be opaque.

This cubic container also serves as a way to observe the movement of time. You can fill the container all the way with water and the liquid will slowly flow down and into the rectangular prism “DAY”part of the product over the course of an hour.

The water that flows into the prism will nurture herbs that will bring nature inside and create a healthy green island from which you can pick to enrich the flavor of your dishes. The herbs can also bring a lovely scent of freshness into the room.

Another exciting feature is the daylight sensor. When sunlight can no longer be detected by the product, light will glow out from the words “DAY”automatically to brighten your darkened room, creating a soft and cozy environment. You can choose to turn off the light sensor or the light itself.

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