The original SkyMall product I picked was the Cat Topiary, which was simply meant to serve as a feline garden decoration.

The first visual alterations I made included darkening up the moss to give it a lusher color and an appearance of thicker texture, and the addition of a pink flower collar since the moss could also be used as a planting medium. The red eyes come as part of the laser defense system.

The final Cat Alarm Topiary (C.A.T.) is able to use motion detection to help prevent intruders from entering your home. When turned on, if a person gets too close and triggers the C.A.T., it will emit a loud “MEOW” from a speaker hidden within the wire frame, and quickly shoot the intruder with its laser eyes. The intruder will be deterred from the property immediately. The C.A.T. is a far better looking addition to your garden than any other similar defense system, and is easier and much more pleasant than an internal home alarm system. At the same price as the original Cat Topiary ($99.95), the C.A.T. includes vital additional features that make it a worthwhile investment.

The primary sense the C.A.T. appeals to is sound, with an internal speaker emitting a shrill “MEOW” as a warning, and the laser burst (shown in the image above) that gives one a sense of a loud zap. It incorporates touch, not only through its soft, mossy exterior but also with the stinging shot it delivers to anyone crazy enough to cross its path. The picture above shows a man cowering, clearly afraid of the pain the C.A.T. inflicts. Visually, it is still a valuable feline garden addition and has the added pink flower collar to give it a pop of color. These flowers also help to stimulate the sense of smell by emitting a pleasant odor. The system also appeals to one’s taste for revenge.