The helpful rug

by post_author

Imagine gently waking up every morning to the soft glow of your luxurious backlit chenille rug. As you step onto the cozy fibers to start your day, it lights up with local weather forecasts. Perfect for planning your outfit in the morning! 

You can sync your alarm tone to the rug, and it will only turn off if you walk across the rug. 

As you wind down for the night, the smart rug automatically syncs to your phone’s alarm so it knows when to light your room back up. As you fall asleep, the rug lowers its lighting, leaving only a slight glow for your late night bathroom trip needs. Bonus: you can choose the scent of your rug. Options include lavender, honeysuckle, lilac, and fresh cotton.


Beauty and functionality, all in one! Price: $190 


This product was originally just a plain chenille rug.  I thought I could spice it up a little and make it a lot more useful for customers by building in weather information to help people dress and prepare for the day.


Target Audience: People who love interior design, home decorating, smart gadgets. High disposable income. 

Senses: I focused on visual for the advertisement, but also incorporated feel, audio, and smell.

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