At first glance, the original Reverse Grip Hand Strengthener looks like a medical device. While it may do its job to make your forearms look more prominent, it’s definitely not something you want to bring around with you because quite frankly, it’s an eyesore. People might think your hand encountered an accident.


But imagine this…

You’re sitting in an office meeting and you’re feeling restless. You’ve been there for hours, and worse, you haven’t been able to go to the gym for a couple of days to work off the stress of work. You’re losing focus on what the speaker is saying, and to concentrate, you’re alternating between flipping your pen in circles and making doodles in the corner of your notepad.

Introducing the new Xtensor.


It may look like a ball of your ordinary office supply of rubber bands, but each band is actually a specially designed synthetic rubber resistant band. It’s the soft and squishy squeeze you need to bring your mental vision into focus, and the resistant pull that will strengthen your grip without the odors and sounds of the gym at work.


The hand strengthener that puts the work in workout.

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