Think of NEUR as your personal guide in the middle of the night. You have a sudden urge to run to the bathroom, but don’t want to wake your partner up or fumble for a light switch. Instead you just follow the soft, caressing wheat light to your much needed relief.

Made of high-quality eco-friendly composite of marble and bamboo, NEUR never feels too hot or too cold; it is perfect to the touch. NEUR snaps on seamlessly to your existing toilet seat.

NEUR harnesses the power of Jellyfish enzymes to provide its powerful yet beautiful glow. NEUR charges itself with surrounding light and emits luminous rays indirectly to complement the beauty of your bathroom.

Price: $100

Target audience: Eco-conscious consumers who want to upgrade their bathroom and have a relatively high disposable income.

Key senses: Touch and Sight


The initial product did not have a clear target audience. Additionally few details were provided. Apart from the fact that the product glowed, the materials were not specified and there were no images that showed how the seat looked in the light (when it was not glowing).

As a result I focused on the textures and ensured that the glow did not detract from the bathroom. I wanted it to be a useful, yet soft effect, and so the new toilet seat only glows downwards. I also created the product for a niche audience, those who are eco-conscious, thereby justifying a higher price tag.