Levo Book Holder

by post_author



You just came home from a long day of classes. Your arms are sore from carrying your backpack, and your legs are tired from the long trek back to your room. You just want to lay down and nap. BUT, you have hundreds of pages of reading due in a few days. What do you do? You could sit on your desk chair, neck bent down, struggling to read for the next five hours. Or, you could lay down in a nice comfortable relining chair and simply open your eyes to absorb all the information. With the new Levo book holder, you can do just that! Let the Levo book holder hold your books at eye level no matter what you are doing. And with a single push of a button, you can flip pages, move the book, fix the lighting, and listen to music all at the same time!

New and improved features include:

  • greater range of mobility for any height and any position of book reading
  • hand-held remote control allows automatic page turning and configuration of book stand with only the push of a button
  • ball wheels allow transporting the book stand with complete ease
  • sleeker design is aesthetically suited for any household, workspace, or gym
  • accessories allow you to listen to music and adjust lighting for the ideal reading experience



The new Levo book holder now allows you to read more conveniently in any place in any position. A few highlights are listed below. Now you can read while…

  • laying down
  • working out at the gym
  • eating and cooking
  • sick at the hospital bed
  • standing up

The new Levo book holder makes a great gift for the book lover, the gym rat, the productivity maximizer, the tired student, the injured person, the retired neighbor, and everyone else you know!

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