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Your blaring alarm clock goes off, you hit snooze; you aren’t done sleeping because you still feel exhausted. That is because your darn clock interrupted you at a very inopportune time (literally). But that is your old alarm clock. 

With SenseSleep, you wake up gradually to customizable calming songs or tones during a time window at which you are in your lightest sleep, so you don’t wake up still tired, dazed and confused as to what year it is. SenseSleep is your must-have advanced smart alarm clock. It senses your sleep cycle using cutting edge motion and sound-sensing technology and displays it on any side of clock when tapped. It saves your sleep data so you can also see how you sleep during the month or year. Clapping your hands projects the time onto the ceiling so you don’t even need to turn your head and have to squint your slightly-sleepy eyes to see what time it is. Oh, and you can also roll it over if that tickles your fancy.

Imagine waking up to soothing sounds next Monday morning, well-rested and energized for the day and week ahead. Using the senses of touch, hearing, and sight, SenseSleep will be your new favorite tool in getting the best sleep ever every night.

The clock on was a clapping alarm clock.–827034171

Images taken from cellphone screenshots of Sleep Cycle app. This new alarm clock would not use identical designs from the Sleep Cycle app. A new adaptation would be necessary. Additional graphics and modifications were generated using Adobe Photoshop. 

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