by post_author

The following is my new sales pitch for this product. I try to integrate the concept of multi-sensory advertising and also show why this product is desirable at the same time. 

“Take the sweat and lean muscles anywhere you go!  Flyup is your portable fitness challenge that will tone your muscles fast. Feel the burn in your legs and arms, and the heat in your core. Get ready to mop the sweat that dripples down your new muscles.

Flyup is suitable for more than 100 functional exercises. You can use it as an ab-wheeler or put it at your feet to do a mountain climb. It can glide on almost any surface. Flyup is compact and portable. Its handles are detachable to let you carry to wherever you want with ease. No longer would you need to workout in a stuffy, crowded gym that you pay for hundreds of dollars. 

Below are 3 new images that I designed with Photoshop. It is better than previous images of this product, because my new images clearly show how to use this product and integrate the movement sensory in the ads. 


This is what Flyup used to look like in the Skymall website. At first, I had no idea what it was for… 




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