The Travel Scooter Experience

by post_author

Traveling shouldn’t have to be a pain. Make it an experience.





The Product:

The wind whips through your hair. Colors blur around you as you push yourself, faster and faster, between walkers. Your favorite song engulfs around you, the bass reverberating through your chest and the melody tickling your ears. You don’t worry about getting to your destination on time; you know you’ll get there, and the journey is half the fun. And this journey is so easy, you’ll forget you’re actually at the airport.

That’s the power of the Luggage Scooter Experience.

People travel to see new places and find exciting experiences. So why do we put up with the pains of airports? Dragging bulky luggage behind us, desperately searching for places to charge our electronics, slowly plodding to a terminal that always seems to be on the other side of the airport.

With the Luggage Scooter Experience, you can use your luggage to actually travel faster. With all that extra time, you can take a few stops along the way to explore your destinations. A built in generator uses energy from the wheels to charge your phone and power a directional speaker that makes your trips an auditory experience as well.

It’s fast, it’s functional, and it transforms the journey into something that’s fun in itself!

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