Bring the joy of the ice cream truck right into your own home…or to a tailgate!

Mixing ice cream on a countertop board may be fun, but provides a very limited user experience. Using simple tools that most consumers already have (a counter, spoons, and bowls) are certainly not worth $61.99. 

The Parlor is a groundbreaking improvement over the original design. No longer just a board, the product now has a chilled chamber beneath the marble mixing top in which the ice cream can actually be made. Instead of just a surface for mixing toppings, The Parlor now let’s you pour in the simple ingredients (milk, sugar, cream, etc.) and will make delicious homemade ice cream right inside the temperature controlled internal chamber. Now you can mix toppings into your own ice cream!

Not just a novelty item for home, The Parlor is completely portable, allowing you to make delicious ice cream anywhere! Perfect for large gatherings, tailgates, and other social functions, the relatively lightweight system works anywhere, with a battery life of up to 5 hours. The Parlor also has a built in speaker system to complement the experience.

Sensory Engagement

The original product is a very limited user experience; it is only a marginal improvement over how a user would do the mixing process without this product, and engages with the senses in a very limited manner. Therefore the ability of the ad itself to have multi-sensory capacity is also highly limited. The improved product is itself a much more sensory experience, and it is possible to have the graphics reflect that. The imagery with the frozen background and cold air billowing out from the mixing chamber helps engage the sense of touch through temperature, and the multidimensionality of the condensation helps draw on one’s sense of smell as well. The tailgate advertisement helps in this respect as well, also appealing to the auditory aspect of the speakers. The tailgate also invokes memory of taste, as people are often able to associate taste with tailgate imagery.