The product boasts its invincibility when it comes to germs — from the name (”germ destroying), the metallic mechanic design, and its technical description.

After the first glance, I am convinced that it is powerful in its functionality, but reluctant to admit that I will find it useful. Why do I need to radically eradicate germs after all?

In response, I did a little research and think that it will be much better desirable if positioned toward a specific market.

After:  “Air Hero”


(Friendly appearance to attract parents with young children)


(LED blue lights gives the visibility of system status)


(arms are detachable for more mature, clean looking style fro adult)

Product Description

Ready to take a fresh breath of air that smells light, clean and healthy?

Air Hero is your and your family’s ultimate air guardian. Eliminating up to 100% of airborne bacteria, mold, viruses, pet dander, dust mites, Air Hero keeps your home airy with scentless pure air.

Air Hero is friendly to your children.
– It works automatically when the air quality (as indicated by the color of LED light) is low.
– It works silently to keep your child asleep and your house quiet.
– Its toy-like interface and detachable arm allows for easy decoration for any corners in your house.
– It remains cool and safe to touch, despite the 400F heat used to eradicate impurities.

Best yet, Air Hero is a responsible guardian that requires no filters.

Forget the coughing and sneezing noise,
Listen to the silence, feel the Zen
and breath the clean air today.

Price: $200 + Free 3-year warranty


Because the product is already equipped with technology, I wanted the product to appeal a group that feels the need for it most: family.

To appeal to family, I generally make it look more safe, friendly, and healthy. The name “Air Hero” fulfills the purpose very well as it boasts its ability in an amicable way.

Smell & Feel
Air Hero technically does not produce any smell, however, being an air purifier, it prompts customers to think about ‘breathing’ and therefore I emphasize on that experience. Through visuals and description, I try to depict light, clean, pure air. No body knows what the air smells like, but it should feel ‘clean’ coming from an air purifier. A phrase that captures this attempt is “breath the clean air today”.

My product design is made much more minimalistic and clean. With out the little arms, the product can still be used in adult’s household because it still looks like a sleek, clean piece of technology.

With the arms, the product is more personified and inviting to young children. This will allow parents to easier place the Air Hero in their child’s room without scaring her. The product looks friendly enough to blend in the kid’s room decoration and come across as a “hero”.

As described in product’s description, I emphasized on the silence and the ‘joy’ that it brings. On top of mentioning how quiet it is, I contrasts the sense with other unpleasant noises such as coughing and sneezing.

Air Hero is friendly and therefore should be safe to touch. I brought up this point by saying that it remains ‘cool’ to touch despite its technology. The surface is also smooth, and not overly metallic or shiny (traits that make the original product looks like a shelled killer bomb). 

I actually want to bring the price down further to ~$120 maximum, but I am concerned about its cost and other realistic facts.  On the other hand, if the price is high we can market it off as high quality technology. In that case, it should come with a good warranty to ensures that Air Hero is truly safe and reliable for customer’s home.