Reimagined Clock

by post_author

The “Mini Clap On Cube Clock” is currently advertised with minimal information, simply depicting the clock with a ‘wood veneer’ and the functionality to ‘clap to show time’.  With a new design in mind, I think I can appeal to more senses in depth to increase the desirability of the overall product. With respect to the Atlantic piece, I primarily targeted auditory senses for the redesign.

I provided the Voice Activation technology first, to communicate the ease of usage while cooking.  I described the type of wood and magnetic inserts to appeal to tactile senses, while keeping the material of clean wood to resonate in customer’s minds: they can almost feel the product before they buy out of familiarity.  I cut down the design down to a wood slate that gives a more modern design to an otherwise cumbersome clock, which appeals to customers eyes in the search of a contemporary kitchen consistent with new state-of-the-art home appliances.  The magnets allow the clock to stick to virtually any cooking appliance, and will ‘hear’ your commands no matter what you are cutting, stirring, etc. – all you need to do is look.  

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